Visual Communication

The new printing technologies, the innovation of the support materials and the new communication concepts, led to the creation of a specific market, developing and with interesting returns on the invested capital.

Given the potential of this new market, and the strong complementarity with the paper business, Inapa decided in 2007 to acquire ComPlott, one of the leading operators on the German market.

Visual Communication is the business segment that has the highest printing industry growth rate, including not only the print media, but also consumables, sales of printing equipment, software and maintenance services.

The fast paced development of digital printing technology in combination with the large format printers have created a new market for graphic applications. The large format printers, operating between 60 centimeters and 5 meters wide, allow the most varied type of impressions in a wide range of media such as paper, canvas, vinyl, film, textile or wood.


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These developments allow applications as diverse as outdoor advertising panels, interior advertisement, sign making, prints for use in furniture or domestic appliances, advertising in buildings’ roofs and transportation.

In the German market Inapa is currently the 3rd largest operator, operating through its subsidiary, Inapa ComPlott GmbH, which in late 2011 acquired the company FLS Bildsysteme Vertriebs GmbH, located in southern Germany, consolidating its market position.

In 2013, Inapa Group entered the visual communication area in Portugal, with the acquisition of Crediforma. This company is HP biggest large format printing distributor in the Portuguese market.

In 2018, Inapa France and Inapa Spain celebrated representation agreements with machine manufacturers, widening their operations in the viscom markets.

This business has proven to be extremely positive, justifying the favorable future expectations, both in terms of performance and organic growth in the markets where this activity is already running, as well as regarding the extension to other markets where Inapa operates.

Our Business

A complete portfolio of products and services for the graphic and office industry, namely paper, graphic and office supplies and logistic services.
Customized solutions, packaging personalization and a wide offer of products: boxes, films, bags, fillings and equipment.
A comprehensive range of products and services for the large format digital printing: printers, inks/toners, media, software and technical support.
Visual Communication