A complete portfolio of products and services for the graphic and office industry, namely paper, printing and office consumables and logistic services.


With about 400 trucks daily in circulation and as many employees to serve as a storage area of ​​over 200,000 square meters, Inapa is able to share with its customers, with the resulting efficiency and productivity gains, management logistics. The Group combines expertise in logistics and in-depth knowledge of the paper industry, becoming a benchmark in logistics services for the printing industry.

Inapa bases its approach on high standards of service. It offers a range of products with 12,000 paper references, such as coated, uncoated, carbonless, self-adhesive, board, envelopes, fine papers, from prestigious brands and high environmental standards, with a great acceptance with customers for their performance, both in terms of print quality, and productivity.


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Inapa is a full-service provider to the graphics sector through a comprehensive range of products and services. The Group offer includes, paper, but also graphics consumables, such as inks, cleaning products, additives, the printing blankets, plates and varnishes among others, and packaging articles. It offers also technical advice to its 80,000 customers through specialized and experienced teams, which contribute equally to productivity and success of their production.


In the office paper segment Inapa’s customer base includes companies, offices and public entities, who have special needs and a demanding service level.

On its product portfolio has a wide range of office papers (A3 and A4), adapted to different uses (laser, color, performance, digital, recycled) ensuring high yields, productivity levels and meeting strict environmental rules. The brand Inapa Tecno, an innovation in the sector, and is now a industry benchmark due to its quality and competitiveness.

Inapa currently distributes office supplies in Portugal, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain. The future will certainly pass by the expansion and development in the markets where Inapa operates, with a very significant potential of growth, together with the introduction of this business model in other countries where the Group operates.

Our Business

A complete portfolio of products and services for the graphic and office industry, namely paper, graphic and office supplies and logistic services.
Customized solutions, packaging personalization and a wide offer of products: boxes, films, bags, fillings and equipment.
A comprehensive range of products and services for the large format digital printing: printers, inks/toners, media, software and technical support.
Visual Communication