22 Sep 2017
1st Half 2017 Results

Inapa with EBT of 2.4 million euros

  • Recurring EBITDA of € 13.0M, an increase of € 2.8M, representing an improvement of 27%
  • Positive results before taxes of € 2.4M compared with € 0.1M in 2016
  • Net income of € 0.5M
  • Reduction of € 8.7M in net debt compared to the same period of 2016.

 Lisbon, 22nd September 2017 – In the first half of the year after the purchase of Papyrus France and the sale of Inapa Switzerland, which led to an increase in turnover and market share, the results showed a steady progression, validating the strategy defined by Inapa Group.

Management indicators show a positive evolution, both in terms of the margin generated and in terms of operational efficiency, with the ratio of total costs over sales falling from 15.4% to 14.8%.

In addition to the growth in paper distribution, Inapa also recorded a strong growth in the areas of packaging (17%) and visual communication (16%).

This performance translates into an overall increase of the revenue of 7% and an increase in recurring EBITDA of 27%, while continuing the net debt reduction, standing € 9 million below June 2016.

“The results achieved in the first half of this year show that we took the right strategic decisions in 2016,” says Diogo Rezende, CEO of Inapa. “There is still a lot of potential for generating value at Inapa France, once we have completed the merger of operations on 30th of June. Inapa France is now leader in this important market “, states the CEO.


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